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getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

I Just wanted to let you know how awesome the first couple days have been since migrating everything (and I mean everything!) to our private cloud at GetSync’d. By the time the big day came, we had done enough testing and had a proven plan so there was zero anxiety as we stopped Kerio Connect on the old server for the last time and did a final rsync. I didn’t even have to stay up all night, just got up once to press the button at midnight and got up a few hours later to do the honors on the new server and that was it. By 10am I was at the beach with my family and it’s been a great weekend with this burden lightened.

In retrospect, the only issues we encountered were my own problem: an ISP throttling bandwidth; my choice of a Windows source server; insufficient resources on the old server to timely sync the data. To say that the process was flawless on GetSyncd’s end, though true, would be remiss, as it leaves out the rest of the story: that Mike waded through these issues with me, day in and out for almost 2 weeks, though it was completely outside his scope—and I wasn’t even a paying customer yet! Mike’s patience and careful expertise took what could have been a very anxiety-ridden and pitfall-laden process and made it (literally) so I could do it in my sleep!

I may have expressed to you that the most frustrating part of being a Kerio Hosting Provider was the feeling of go-it-aloneness since we were the only Kerio shop while everyone else was on Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, etc. When you have nobody to reality-check against (except maybe the Kerio salespeople), it’s lonely, but even more scary. To know that we are not alone in this realm anymore is worth more than the redundant SANs or CPUs; the peace of mind of having our precious Kerio customers taken care of by experts who have come before us is priceless and we are happy to be on your team.

Scott Cooley

Indevtech Incorporated

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

I wanted to add my name to the list of those who are thrilled with the service and support we have received from GetSync’d. As a technology consultant who has spent years running and managing my own email servers as well as servers for my clients, it was no small decision for me to decide to use GetSync’d to host these services for Envision Design and our clients. We migrated one of our larger email servers and the process was seamless. How fantastic it is to work with people who are courteous and professional and who truly strive to make sure the customer experience is the best it can be.

We are thrilled to be working with GetSync’d and are excited about letting them do the heavy lifting for us so we can focus our attention on helping our clients become more profitable and productive in their business.

Thank you GetSync’d for making my life easier and giving me one less thing to worry about.

Richard Wingfield

Envision Design, LLC

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial


Congratulations…this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The backend system is perfection and insanely powerful. The CalDav service is beyond what we expected and does everything we need. Kerio really is “Made for Mac”. This service is worth every penny. I can’t wait to get my other companies on this service.

Christian Gastón Palmaz

Palmaz Vineyards

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

I am not a large company and was looking for a simple and effective way to sync all of my computers and cell phone with Outlook and Android. This is it! Low cost and elegant solution that works perfectly and updates all devices almost instantly. Could not be happier that I found GetSync’d and the awesome support team. These guys go completely out of their way to make sure you are 100% up and running. You just do not find this kind of support anymore. What a breath of fresh air!

Mike Swinford

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

We just migrated from a hosted-Exchange service to GetSync’d and Kerio in late December 2013. Not only is the Kerio platform more stable than hosted-Exchange, it also provides many more features for a considerably lower cost for our users. We have approximately 500 email accounts for our company and the great folks at GetSync’d provided us with a seamless migration of our old email accounts to the Kerio platform. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and highly recommend everyone at GetSync’d!!!! When we at Instructional Connections decided on hosted-Exchange I really wish I had known about GetSync’d because we definitely would have gone with them from the start.

DeDe Meek

Instructional Connections, LLC

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

For years, Concentrix has opted to host our web, FTP and mail services in-house. Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange have worked well. However, we use an older version (2003) and Mac-based solutions that communicate with this version of Exchange are pretty much nonexistent. (Entourage no longer works as of OS 10.7.)

Being a Mac-based shop, we needed an updated solution. I had considered buying a new server and hosting Kerio Connect in-house. But in researching options, I found GetSync’d. Frankly, given the features, the cost looked too good to be true. I had a couple of questions, so I sent an email. I got an answer almost immediately. Then I got a follow-up phone call. I was sold.

When a company responds and follows up like that – before even you’re a customer – it says a lot. Any questions I had during our transition were answered promptly, and everyone on our team loves the new service — especially the iOS integration and the ability to manage shared calendars on our iOS devices – something even Exchange can’t do. Plus, the money I saved on new hardware and software can certainly be better spent elsewhere.

I only have one regret.

I wish I’d made the change sooner.

Fred Story

Concentrix Music and Sound Design

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

Being the manager of a small business, we don’t upgrade software very often. Sometimes when we do it can be a major headache! We recently started using MS Outlook for our e-mails and calendars. Myself and the owner both use iPhones and iPad, and I was hard pressed to find any type of software that would allow the two to sync up. I was doing some research on Google and found GetSync’d. The main reason I gave it a try is the free trial that they offered because I had already spent a little bit of money on an app that was worthless for what I was trying to do. Anyway, I got everything set up, or so I thought but it was a no go so I contacted them and got excellent support very quickly. If you are like me, you now that customer service is key! I would highly recommend using GetSync’d! Good people that enjoy what they do!

Steven Lugo

Big Boy's Guns and Ammo

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

As a business owner the most important asset the ability to communicate with our customers on a day to day and in an uninterrupted manner. We need a vendor that performs that function in a seamless manner. That company has been GetSync’d for over five years.

In that five years we have grown from a three employee company to one that now has over 20 and GetSync’d has allowed the communication capability to grow right along with it.

I highly recommend GetSync’d to any company looking for a tightly integrated communication solution. From hosting, to email, to mobile device integration, thanks to GetSync’d we are never out of touch.

Robert Mellon


getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

All of my consulting clients that needed a rock solid email collaboration solution have been migrated to GetSync’d. I’ve been using GetSync’d Kerio solutions professionally for years. I’ve migrated a number of very demanding advertising and creative agencies over to GetSync’d and will continue to do so as part of my business. GetSync’d reliability and support is the best in the business. They’ve relieved me from the headaches associated with downtime from other providers. I’m proud to be a long time customer of GetSync’d and will continue to refer my clients to them. Getsync’d is my trusted goto Kerio provider and I can’t recommend them enough.

Mike Pavuk

Technology Fits

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

I’ve used GetSync’d for about three years. I use it to sync Outlook data between a Windows 7 laptop, a Nexus 7 Android tablet, and an iPhone 5. I’ve been very happy with the service itself, which updates changes to all devices in a matter of seconds. The web apps are quite handsome, and customer service has always been extremely prompt and helpful when I’ve had questions, or occasionally have had a need for technical support. I consider GetSync’d an extremely good value for the money.

Dave Stancil

Columbia Baptist Fellowship

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

Hands down the finest email/calendar sync system we have EVER used!!! This is the heart of our business and we used to have so many issues with other systems…now it simply just works! Support is fantastic…feel like our tech is an extended employee he answers back so quickly!!

Thank you GetSync’d for all that you do and keep up the good work!

Doreen Murphy

Art Works Hollywood, Inc.

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

Their support is awesome. I’m a Kerio admin myself, so I understand extremely well how everything works. I’m always amazed at how fast they fix problems. When I added another domain name to my Kerio hosting a couple of years ago, they literally had the new domain on their server setup in about 5 minutes. They were also kind enough to make sure that my new domain was being hosted on the same Kerio server as the first one. This allows me to share calendars, and mailboxes between the two domains. The spam filtering is really great.

Howie Isaacks

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

After years of hassle and half-baked solutions using hosted Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps Premiere, we’ve finally found the ultimate solution. Kerio server works perfectly with both Mac (, iCal, etc) and Windows clients (Outlook 2007), has a fantastic webmail client, works with iPhone exceptionally, and Blackberry. And to back this all up, Inftek has a well configured and supported environment for small business, with a helpful, knowledgeable and efficient support team. Keep up the great work!

Jeff Nantais

Aphex Imaging Inc

getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

After having Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra hosting, we chose Kerio for its tight integration with Outlook and low cost. GetSync’d have been an excellent provider. Mike, our account rep has been easy to work with, and has gone the extra mile in answering any questions we’ve had!

Alexander Lahuerta


getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

I have been tasked with finding a solution to a long-standing problem for my company – how to serve up email in a redundant and reliable fashion without breaking the bank. I have been working towards that end goal with the guys from GetSync’d and I can honestly say that I am highly impressed with the solutions that these guys have presented and that we’ve ultimately chosen to use. Everyone involved in this process has been a consummate professional and has shown genuine concern with satisfying our demanding needs. Regardless of the topic, we’ve been able to get quick, accurate answers to any issue that has arisen. I highly recommend that anyone looking to find a good company that knows their product and that provides consistently good customer service, you need look no further than the GetSync’d team.

Scott Palmer


getsyncd hosted kerio connect testimonial

It has been almost one year that I have been using your service. I work in PLM consulting and CAD software development for the Plant & Ship industry, so I know that when things work well people seldom tell. So let me tell you I am very pleased with your service. Mac integration is perfect. It has been running smoothly and the only time I needed support I had a quick response. Also maintenance interruptions are planned in advance and I never experienced an unplanned service outage. I am recommending your service to friends when they ask for a mail hosting solution!

Marc Journeux


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