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Kerio Control

Do you want an all-in-one security and threat control solution that’s affordable and easy to use? Find out why many businesses like yours have switched to Kerio Control

For small and medium-sized businesses, technology management can be complex. GetSync'd offers Kerio Control unified threat management licenses as well as the Kerio Control Box hardware appliances such as the Kerio Control Box 1120 and the Kerio Control Box 3130.

Paying for and managing multiple tools can be cumbersome and expensive. GetSync’d now offers Kerio Control, a unified threat management solution that’s cost effective, simple to deploy, and easy to manage. It offers a variety of features and benefits in a single virtual appliance that handles intrusion prevention, provides a firewall, filters content, handles load balancing, provides a virtual private network, and more.

What Does Kerio Control Do?

Kerio Control has several functions that lets you control information in and out of your network. It can help you avoid threats like viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats. It allows you to create traffic policies and content filtering based on inbound and outbound requirements and traffic patterns. It includes bandwidth management features that help streamline traffic in and out of your network. And Kerio Control doesn’t just let you control everything happening in your network; Kerio Control gives you valuable analytics that can help you exert control a number of areas, including employee performance management. This solution helps you easily control and manage your network, mitigating risk and maximizing productivity.

Kerio Control: An Affordable UTM Firewall Solution for Growing Companies

Kerio Control’s features list is a long one but in addition to having great features, many small and medium businesses appreciate the simplicity of managing Kerio Control. This virtual appliance is quick and easy to deploy on any platform.

Why Buy Kerio Control from GetSync’d?

GetSync’d is preferred Kerio partner who offers a variety of Kerio products, like Kerio Connect, Kerio Operator, Kerio Control, and more. Our team is extremely knowledgeable on Kerio products and our technical support team regularly receives accolades. We even help other Kerio partners with their support needs.

Investing in the affordable Kerio Control UTM Firewall solution is a smart business decision and buying Kerio Control Box hardware appliances, Kerio Control licenses or Kerio Control software maintenance from GetSync’d gives you access to expertise unmatched in the industry. Click below to buy or learn more.

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