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GetSecure™ HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and PCI Compliant ZixCorp Email Encryption

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Why GetSync’d Hosted ZixGateway Email Encryption?

Email encryption can be complicated and expensive, but GetSync’d offers hosted ZixGateway encryption solutions that are easy and affordable. The GetSync’d hosted ZixGateway encryption solution provides all the benefits of an on-premise hardware solution, like policy-based encryption for HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and PCI, at a fraction of the cost. Protect all your email users, and ensure your business compliance automatically.

The GetSync’d hosted ZixGateway service is a policy-based email encryption solution that sits on the edge of the highly redundant GetSync’d network and scans all outbound email for private, sensitive information. With full content scanning of the subject line, message body and attachments, our hosted ZixGateway service can encrypt, route, block or brand outbound email based on corporate policies. It automatically strengthens compliance for email communication without requiring special training or procedures for employees.

Zix has the world’s largest shared email encryption community with more than 30 million members and growing at approximately 100,000 members per week. As the market leader in Kerio® Connect email services, GetSync’d encryption solutions mitigate the risk associated with sending sensitive information in email and assist businesses in achieving regulatory compliance by providing superior email encryption along side of your hosted Kerio® Connect mailbox or dedicated server.


ZixCorp's "Best Method Of Delivery" secures your organization's sensitive data all the way through the cloud, while still providing a user experience that is simple, intuitive and requires no software to be installed or maintained.

When messages are sent between any of the tens of millions of other ZixGateway users the message is seamlessly encrypted and decrypted and delivered to the recipient's inbox like any other message.

If the recipient is not one of these members, the message is routed to ZixCorp's SysTrust/SOC3 certified and SOC2 accredited data center to be retrieved via a web portal secured with the same technology as your online banking experience.


GetSync’d encryption complies with HIPAA, HITECH, Financial, and State privacy laws. And it's powered by ZixCorp, the only email encryption provider that is SOC3/SysTrust certified, SOC2 accredited and PCI Level 1, DSS v2.0 certified.

Easy to Use

Encrypted email has never been so easy. Other solutions require complicated setup and expensive maintenance and support. Sending encrypted email is as simple as sending a regular email. Encrypt using various policy options to protect sensitive data via the policy-based encryption engine. And best of all, no maintenance.


Secure email is completely interoperable with your existing email infrastructure. GetSync’d email encryption works with all leading email platforms. Other than a simple DNS change, no hardware or software changes are required. Combined with GetSync’d Hosted Kerio® Email, encrypt any outgoing message by policy and send and receive email as you normally would.

The GetSync’d Hosted ZixGateway Key Benefits

The GetSync’d Hosted ZixGateway Key Features

The GetSync’d ZixGateway encryption service is only $80/year/mailbox

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