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GetSync'd Hosted Kerio Connect Web Client


GetSync’d Kerio Connect Hosting: Keep Your Busy Lifestyle In Sync!

Kerio Connect Webmail InterfaceThe Connect web client is a sleek update of the former Kerio Connect Webmail interface, and it's so handy you just may find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it. Software layout can make a huge difference in your ability to be productive, and when you use GetSync’d Kerio Connect hosting, you'll be amazed at how you're able to get tasks done faster and still have time left to keep a work-life balance. Every feature is carefully engineered to consistently give the results you expect and deserve from an innovative and thoroughly modern application.

Toggle Smoothly Between Most-Used Modes

The interface features graphical icons representing your inbox, calendar, and more. Just go to the top of the screen to switch between them as much or as little as you wish. Also, make the interface your own by swapping the background color so it fits how you're feeling and gives you something pleasant to look at throughout the day.

Kerio Connect Calander ViewAdditionally, the calendar view goes far beyond the traditional month-to-month view. View your engagements for a span as short as two weeks or as long as six. No matter how you like to stay on top of your schedule, GetSync’d has you covered. Get notifications of new events and incoming e-mail messages as browser pop-ups or reminders in your operating system, too.

Other Worthy Features

Kerio Connect web clientYou can create meeting invitations directly in the Connect web client, and send them to invitees without leaving the interface. Just click and drag to make a new meeting, and instantly see if people have marked themselves as being available on that date as soon as you type their name. If you need to browse your address book before hitting the "send" button, it's easy to do, thanks to listings complete with personalized pictures and other relevant information.

Kerio Connect preview just one click awaySpeaking of pictures, if someone sends you a graphic and you're not ready to download the attachment right away, preview a full-sized version, instead. Also, save multiple attachments to your computer simultaneously with just one click.

The GetSync’d Kerio Connect hosting service was created with the understanding that although you may need to send files frequently, that doesn't mean you have time to navigate through a complicated process. A drag-and-drop attachment feature lets you drag files straight from your desktop, and preview them before the message is sent. As soon as you start typing a recipient's name, the rest fills in automatically, helping you avoid inconvenient spelling mistakes.

The Kerio Connect interface is packed with features geared to help you work at your best. The future of performing better at work is here, and it's powered by this interface that makes synchronization simple.

GetSync’d Kerio Connect Hosting - Try it today and find out why over 90% of the people that do, become loyal, happy customers.

Kerio Connect Web client features
  • Full text searching — Quickly search through all messages, email addresses, and email subjects
  • Stop Spam — Spam got you down? Now, simply click the Spam button and Kerio® Connect will learn your preference
  • Attachments made easy — Drag & drop attachments are a breeze
  • Instant email address suggestions as you type
  • Save drafts automatically - never loose an important draft
  • Custom Out of Office messages with text and exact time
  • Custom filters automatically sort messages to specified folders as they arrive
  • Desktop notifications even if you are not working with Kerio® Connect client
Kerio Connect Calender
  • Create events instantly — a double-click inside a calendar creates a new event
  • Invite co-workers and customers to a meeting
  • See who's available and at what time (Free/Busy calendar)
  • Set reminders for all of your events
  • Create repeated events with ease
  • Share calendars with co-workers, family, and friends
  • Read-Write access to calendars that others share with you
Kerio Connect Contacts
  • Create contacts easily and instantly sync to your wireless device
  • Organize contacts into groups for quick sorting
  • Share contacts with co-workers, family, and friends
  • See contacts that others share with you
Kerio Connect Tasks
  • Easily create new tasks and sort them into groups
  • Share task groups co-workers, family, and friends
  • Instantly sync tasks to your smart device over the air
Kerio Connect Notes
  • Create easy to find, multi-colored notes
  • Share notes co-workers, family, and friends
  • One click sends your notes as an email message

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